Question and Answer

If you are interested in America in Prophecy: A Nation at a Crossroads, but have a question or two regarding the book, you may find your answer or answers here, where some questions have already been addressed.


Who is your intended audience?

The intended audience is all believers in the Son of God who are interested in end-time Bible prophecy and who want to understand the big picture as it relates to America. It is for all Americans who desire to know where and how they fit into God’s prophetic calendar. It is for all who are concerned with the apparent overall spiritual decline of the Church today (in all of its denominations) and who desire to live biblically sound and godly lives in anticipation of our Lord’s return.

What problem can your reader hope to overcome through reading your book?

America in Prophecy can help you overcome the confusion oftentimes inherent in attempting to decipher the Bible, end-time events, and various other biblical topics through denominational glasses, and ultimately shows the unity that God intends for His people upon His return.

What is the primary message of your book?

America in Prophecy seeks to answer the question of where and how we as Christians living in the United States of America at this particular juncture in history fit into God’s end-time scenario. Most importantly, it seeks to explain what we must do to ensure that we are ready for our Lord’s return.

What life change can your reader expect after reading your book and applying its message?

America in Prophecy will help you appreciate the importance of recognizing the lateness of the hour, prophetically speaking. You will see many current global events in a new light, understanding their prophetic significance. America in Prophecy will help you understand your relationship and prophetic connection as a Christian to the nation of Israel. It will reveal where you fit in in relation to the calling, purpose, and destiny of the Hebrew people. You will get a glimpse into the Hebraic perspective of Old and New Testament teaching and understand why it is important to today’s believer.   You will also have a clear understanding of what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha’Mashiach).

What will readers miss out on if they choose not to read this book?

They will deny themselves the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of current prophetic events, of their place and purpose in God’s end-time scenario, and of the biblical concept behind living a godly life and following faithfully in the Messiah’s footsteps.

What book or books, if any, of those currently available on the market, do you consider to be comparable to the message you present in your book?

There is not one book in particular, but there are three that I can think of that more or less touch on some of the subject matter that I present: En Route to Global Occupation by Gary Kah, Plucking the Eagle’s Wings by Perry Stone, and The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn.

What makes your book uniquely stand out on this subject, and what differentiates it from the other books you just mentioned?

Each of the above mentioned books is an awesome read. I thoroughly enjoyed them all, but unlike En Route to Global Occupation, America in Prophecy delves deeper into America’s spiritual ties to ancient Babylon and its evidence in American society. America in Prophecy also explores America’s historical and spiritual ties to ancient Israel in a manner that Plucking the Eagle’s Wings does not by revealing some very provocative insights into the Christian’s possible identity as a member of God’s Church in relation to Israel. In addition, it goes beyond The Harbinger in revealing what we must do to repent now that we have received God’s warning and in examining how that repentance should manifest in the life of the Christian.